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Surveys & Audits

Energy audits and surveys investigate a site’s energy usage, in order to identify measures for cost savings. UK Energy Partners has extensive experience in this field; this activity is fundamental to the formulation of an effective energy strategy for your company and properties, regardless of size.

There are three primary benefits: cost savings, energy savings and a reduction in environmental emissions. The surveys will detail short term opportunities for improvements in efficiency and costs – for example in terms of procurement, lighting, insulation, automated management – as well as longer term solutions.

Payback periods for such savings are usually less than two years. The Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers studied a sample of 4331 energy surveys; average savings of 21% of each site’s energy bill were identified, with an average payback period of 1.5 years.

Energy Audits

An energy audit will allocate a value to each item of end-use energy consumption over a given period, and balance these against overall energy use. Once you have identified where your energy is being used, any unnecessary or inefficient consumption will be rapidly brought to light.

Often in the early stages of an energy efficiency programme, a detailed analysis of your company’s energy billing by our accredited experts will reveal areas for making immediate cost savings. Our engineers can then undertake full and precise audits involving the measurement, analysis or direct assessment of energy consumption. This will allow you as the consumer to see clearly where your energy is being used in proportion to the overall cost, i.e. heating, lighting, air conditioning and other major uses.

Energy Surveys

An energy survey is an on-site technical investigation of the supply, use and management of energy to identify specific energy saving measures. These may be tailored to the size and complexity of the building, as well as the resources available for investment. In many cases, a simple walkabout survey is often sufficient to identify some no-cost measures to improve your building’s energy efficiency.

A comprehensive energy survey would typically be expected to:

  • Determine the energy performance of your building
  • Evaluate the principal energy flows
  • Identify precisely where savings can be made
  • Provide costed recommendations or options as to how the savings can be achieved
  • Review procedures for energy management
  • Summarise the collected data in a clear and decipherable manner
  • An outline of conceptual design work

The costs of these services are quoted on a bespoke basis but it should be emphasised that any outlay is invariably recovered from savings in the first year.

If you would like any more information on energy surveys and audits, or would like to arrange a consultation with one of our advisors or engineers, please contact us at enquiries@ukenergypartners.co.uk.


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