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Carbon Management

UK Energy Partners provide several specialised services to help organisations measure, manage, report, and reduce their carbon emissions across all areas of their operations.

Our energy surveys and audits are very much focused on structural change - on-site technical investigation of energy usage and management, identifying sensible and low-cost efficiency measures, as well as providing the foundations for longer term comprehensive energy manangement strategies.

UK Energy Partners Carbon Management Services focus on engaging employees in behavioural change to reduce the consumption of energy and production of waste, and to optimise the use of business travel.  Consequently, your organisation will reduce both its emissions and general costs, as well as managing an enlightened workforce who fully understand their roles and responsibilities in carbon management - without compromising the organisation's core sector activities.

Dynamic Reporting

We assess all the many and varied ways in which your organisation generates carbon emissions and, unlike static carbon calculators or one-off assessments, we put the systems in place to collate data and measure carbon inputs each month.

Then, by providing you with an online carbon statement, we give you the means to dynamically track your performance against your carbon reduction targets.  Different levels of reporting, such as overall summary, cost centre, and buildings enable even greater depth of analysis of your carbon reduction programme as a whole.

Every employee in the company also receives a monthly statement of their own carbon contribution based on their work acitivities to help them understand their individual impact on wider company targets.

We can help you assess the Total Cost of Carbon (TCC) in your organisation by the understanding the origin of its carbon emissions.  This information will guide your investment in carbon reduction activities and processes.

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