Flexible funding models are available for energy conservation measures, energy efficient technology upgrade, and renewable energy projects alike.

Although customers can be deterred by upfront capital investment, these fears are managed via a selection of funded solutions, all of which can be delivered with guaranteed savings. We recognise the importance of funding options as well as the need for guaranteed results, which is reflected in the range of solutions we make available to our clients.  Choosing the right, most appropriate source of capital (including self-funding) will be a function of project type, client sector, technology life and the particular financial policies of the customer; whatever the mix, we will discuss and determine the right option. UK Energy Partners have designed, financed, and delivered energy efficiency technology upgrades for over 130 organisations in both the public and private sectors since 2012.

Salix Finance

Interest-free funding for energy efficiency technology upgrade projects in the public sector. Salix Finance is available to schools, colleges, universities, hospitals and other public sector buildings. Read more about Salix Finance.

The Condition Improvement Fund (CIF)

CIF will re-open to applications from Autumn 2015 and UK Energy Partners can offer Academies a free CIF consultation in advance. Find out more.

Lease Finance for Energy Efficiency

UK Energy Partners have a variety of operating lease solutions (which we apply and tailor to the project type) – in effect a rental agreement which allows you to benefit from the installation of energy efficient technologies without the need to find the capital at the outset. Read more about lease finance for energy efficiency.

Funding Schoolhaus

There are three ways to fund a Schoolhaus development, from a traditional mortgage type scenario through to short term leasing and longer term finance. Read more about funding a Schoolhaus project.

Utilising funding from the Condition Improvement Fund (CIF), this academy is set to save £63,091 in energy costs over an 8-year period, thanks to new LED lighting and controls.

Controls, Lighting

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Here we facilitated an operating lease proposal—a rental agreement which allows you to benefit from the installation of energy efficient technology without needing initial capital.


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The first Schoolhaus designed and built specifically for a special school. And the second most energy efficient school building in the country.


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